Stains small or big, get rid of them easily.

  • Take one spoon oil and two spoon citrus solution. Mix it in hot water. Now you can clean wood using solution prepared by this method.
  • Take equal amount of lemon juice and oil and remove stains on furniture using it.
  • A mixture of mustard oil and kerosene will bring shine on wooden goods if used to clean.
  • To remove burnt stains on furniture, dip cotton in a paraffin solution and rub it on stains.
  • Take a bottle, prepare a soap solution with water and mix one spoon terpene oil. Apply the solution on floor and furniture. After floor and furniture gets dry rub it with clean cloth.
  • Remove soil stains using potassium permanent solution.
  • Scratch stains of boot polish then apply little sufficient amount of lube. Wash it by hot water and clean the stained part using soap solution.
  • To remove stains of juice, wine or sausage first clean it by warm water. Dip it in warm water for one minute then clean it using paper towel. Clean it using detergent powder and wipe it.
  • For stains on carpet. If the stain is fresh, wash it immediately by fresh water. Pour some water at the spot of stain and wipe it using white paper towel. Don’t rub the stained spot. If the stain has dried then first scratch it using spoon and remove it. Pour some water on stain, let it remain to wet. Now wipe it using white paper towel.
  • Detergent and dishwashing agent are useful to remove stains from carpet. Stains of eatables can be removed easily.

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