Three step sofa cleaning by Maxwel

Your furniture is as important to a room’s appearance as your carpet. That’s why Maxwel uses the same process for upholstery cleaning that we do for carpet cleaning. Our exclusive three-step sofa cleaning system includes a specially formulated cleaning solution residue right along with deep-down dirt – leaving nothing behind but clean, fresh-smelling fabric and furniture.

Here’s how it works:

When our professionally trained, upholstery cleaning technicians arrive at your home, they start with a pre-inspection to identify problem areas. Then the Maxwel Three-Step Deep Clean goes to work:

Step 1: Dry Vacuuming – To remove dust from upholstery

Step 2: Rinsing – Special upholstery cleaning solutions is applied to the fabric to loosen embedded dirt.

Step 3: Wet Vacuuming – This process sucks all and any wetness that is left

A final inspection helps ensure customer satisfaction. You can count on Maxwel for Satisfaction Guaranteed.

A five seat sofa would take not more than 30 minutes.

Why you should take services of a Pest Control Company?

The cost advantage

Paying a regular fee up front can add up and cost some bucks a year. However, it can cost much more in home repairs if termites or carpenter ant colonies go unnoticed. You may not know the signs of carpenter ants or how to properly inspect for termites. Pest control companies know exactly what to look for, and the cost of their service is much less as compared to repairing prolonged termite damage.

Safer way to protect from hazard

Pest control technicians are trained to know how their products work and where to put them inside and outside of a home. Many companies are going green and using products that are safe for the home and the environment. When technicians need to use products that can be hazardous, they have the expertise to ensure the safety of your family. There are handfuls of chemical sprays available to consumers, but just remember that, in real life, exposure to hazardous chemicals doesn’t give you super powers.

Controlling pest infestations takes time, and using pest control products in a timely matter is key to successfully protecting your home. If you are looking to do it on your own, you can easily forget when to retreat your home. Pest control companies monitor and report every time they spray and know when to retreat before the product stops working. The best part is; if you need help with a new onslaught of bugs, pest Control Company will have solution for them.

Killing a killer bee will attract the hive and swarm you? Using a wrong elimination method will have the same consequences with many pests. Bees will swarm and mice can scatter, carrying diseases like the deadly Hantavirus, when their nest is disturbed. Using an exterminator means having someone who knows how to deal with potential nests and the risks inherent with treating them.

You can buy hazardous sprays and try to rid yourself of disease-carrying pests, but using a top-tier pest control service ensures full extermination all year-round. Plus, you can rest assured your family will be safe from harmful chemicals. So save yourself some time and money by using a professional, guaranteed service and ridding your home of pesky invaders.

Kitchen Cleaning – make it a daily ritual.

Some women finish their work and simultaneously clean their kitchen but there are some women who superficially clean their kitchen but leave the cleaning of floor and tiles. In this one thing should be kept in mind, the labour which you are saving today, in return of that you have to sweat a lot more in future. Everyday cleaning ensures that the dirt is not piled up and cleaning of kitchen takes less time. You can make your work easier by dividing the cleaning of kitchen into two parts .

1) Daily cleaning
Wet wipe your kitchen daily. Detergent can be used with water for wiping . Cloth used for wiping should not be dirty. After wiping it is necessary to wash the cloth .
– If there is an army of ants in your house, then add salt to water to be used for wiping.
– If you are cleaning your floor after a gap of some days then use hot water for wiping.
– For better results, after wet wiping do dry wiping on the same floor. By this the floor will shine and dirt will not deposit.
– If something falls on your floor clean it immediately. By doing this stains will not occur.

2) Cleaning of tiles
If you don’t clean your kitchen tiles daily, then one day cleaning can lead you into a problem. There are many things present in our house, by using them we can easily clean our kitchen tiles.
-Vinegar: Mix 2 cup of Vinegar with 2 cup of water n fill the mixture in a clean spray bottle. Spray this mixture on tiles and clean it by the help of a micro fibre cloth. Micro fibre cloth absorbs the dirt better as compared to other cloths and using this also avoids scratch on the surface of tiles.
– Baking Soda: By the use of baking soda you can easily get rid of stains. Make a thick paste of baking soda and water and apply it on the stain. Let it dry for 10-15mins and then clean it using a wet cloth. If stain still persists then an old toothbrush can be used to clean it.
– Bleach or Ammonia: If your tiles are very dirty then mix Bleach and water in equal proportion. Apply this mixture on the surface in a circular fashion. Now clean the tiles with hot water. After this clean the tiles with some dry cloth. Always wear gloves while using Beach.

Unleash the power of tamarind

Tamarind can be a very useful cleaning agent for home cleaning.

  1. If you mix small amount of edible salt with tamarinds then its cleaning strength increases.
  2. Copper, steel or brass utensils can be cleaned easily and it will regain its shine.
  3. Kitchen sink turns sticky after cleaning utensils. To remove its stickiness, prepare a paste of tamarind and edible salt and clean the sink using the prepared paste.
  4. Silver utensils that have turned black because of moisture can be cleaned using tamarind. Tamarind will save your bucks to get it polished again.
  5. Tamarind sponge is useful to clean old clocks and door bolts.
  6. Metals affected with rust can be cleaned by Tamarind.
  7. Kitchen chimney can be cleaned using tamarind water.

Vinegar can be more than useful

Whether it is kitchen, bathroom, outdoor or any goods which requires cleaning, vinegar can be used for every cleaning purpose mainly because of its acidic nature. There are various kinds of vinegar for example apple cider and white vinegar can be used easily. Let’s know how vinegar can be used for the purpose of home cleaning

1. If your kitchen drain has been blocked then take half cup vinegar, baking soda, edible salt and prepare a solution. Clean the sink using this solution, whole blockage will be cleared.

2. If you find foul smell in kitchen then to overcome from smell, take water in a pot, mix vinegar and boil it. This way you can get rid of foul smell from your kitchen.

3. To remove stains from bathtub and wash basin, dip a paper tissue in vinegar and put it on basin without folding the tissue paper. Again put vinegar in the basin and scrub it by sponge.

4. For blocked shower in the bathroom, just open the shower and put it in half cup water and vinegar solution. Blockage will be removed.

5. To keep WC sparkling clean, spread vinegar and baking powder on it. Then scrub it with a brush and flush it.

6. Ceramic tiles will shine like mirror if wiped by a solution prepared with half bucket water and small amount of vinegar.

7. Take water in a small bucket and mix one cup vinegar. Now dip newspaper in the solution and wipe windows. After this, wipe windows through a dry newspaper, so that stain formed by dust soil and other will be cleaned.

8. If you find grass in the courtyard of old house then spread vinegar over it. It will not only stop it to reappear but will also stop ants and insects.

Stains small or big, get rid of them easily.

  • Take one spoon oil and two spoon citrus solution. Mix it in hot water. Now you can clean wood using solution prepared by this method.
  • Take equal amount of lemon juice and oil and remove stains on furniture using it.
  • A mixture of mustard oil and kerosene will bring shine on wooden goods if used to clean.
  • To remove burnt stains on furniture, dip cotton in a paraffin solution and rub it on stains.
  • Take a bottle, prepare a soap solution with water and mix one spoon terpene oil. Apply the solution on floor and furniture. After floor and furniture gets dry rub it with clean cloth.
  • Remove soil stains using potassium permanent solution.
  • Scratch stains of boot polish then apply little sufficient amount of lube. Wash it by hot water and clean the stained part using soap solution.
  • To remove stains of juice, wine or sausage first clean it by warm water. Dip it in warm water for one minute then clean it using paper towel. Clean it using detergent powder and wipe it.
  • For stains on carpet. If the stain is fresh, wash it immediately by fresh water. Pour some water at the spot of stain and wipe it using white paper towel. Don’t rub the stained spot. If the stain has dried then first scratch it using spoon and remove it. Pour some water on stain, let it remain to wet. Now wipe it using white paper towel.
  • Detergent and dishwashing agent are useful to remove stains from carpet. Stains of eatables can be removed easily.

House cleaning made simpler

Often small stains bother you, but you don’t know how to get rid of them. Here are some quick tips for you

– For a spotless bathroom use half cup warm water mixed with borax powder to clean.

– To remove iron rust stain clean with vinegar or lemon juice and rinse with warm water.

– To remove stains from WC leave two denture cleaning tablets for overnight. Then clean it with brush and flush.

– To remove stains from washing tub or shower make a paste of baking soda mixed with water and apply it on the stain. Use an old toothbrush to clean it and rinse with water.

– Wipe with paper towel dipped in vinegar to remove stains around taps, leave it for an hour and then wipe the tap with a dry cotton cloth.

– To clean plastic shower head soak it in a mixture of vinegar and water for an hour and clean with toothbrush.

– Use air freshener to clean the glass. After cleaning, the glass will also have pleasant smell of air freshener.